See this little girl? She probably looks like any innocent little girl to you but she is anything but. When she was born her parents began noticing weird behaviour from her. After her first birthday, her parents frequently saw her standing in front of a mirror motionless. This behaviour continued until her third birthday. She began drawing. She didn’t draw normal pictures like other children. But she painted her parents house with pictures of death and splashed red paint all over them. Her parents began to worry about her and sent her to see a doctor. By age 4 her behaviour continued. The doctor didn’t know what was wrong with her. Her mother called the doctor one night to ask for a check up and she was told that the doctor had passed away that night. The little girl was sent to other doctors for check ups and each of the doctors passed away.
This photograph was taken by a photographer whose identity is no longer known. But they say that after this photograph was taken, the little girl fell to the ground. Her eyes leaked of blood and she began having a fit. She died a few minutes later. They say that this photograph didn’t only capture her image but her spirit too. And every time someone doesn’t reblog this picture she gets angry. She gets so angry that she does what she did to the doctors to those people. Reblog this now or each time you look into a mirror this little girl will be standing behind you.

This scared the living shit out of me.

Sorry, but I’m reblogging again to be safe.


why the fuck did i read this?

She’s so cute<3
just to be safe…

oh wsq;dskdflas;fsad.





These are the types of 9-11 posts I want to see on my dash. Not pictures of the building in flames or people jumping or gifs of planes hitting the building. I think I’m gonna go write a rant in a few minutes…

I was waiting for this.

This is so beautiful.


Oh Dwight..

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